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Jammu Startup Community – 1st Meet - Jammu Startups Community
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Jammu Startup Community – 1st Meet

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Jammu startup community held its first startup meet at Zonixsoft Trikuta Nagar. The main agenda of the event was to create a startup ecosystem in Jammu. All the startups operating from Jammu were invited along with the budding entrepreneurs. The vision of the community is to build a strong network of startups in the region.

This initiative was taken by Ankush Gupta ( Founder ServicesMojo ) ,  Rajat Seth (IIM Jammu) , Sahil Verma ( (Founder Pure Mart ) , Kanav Gupta ( Founder Zonixsoft ) and Dheer Lait Gupta . This meet saw the presence of more than 20 people representing their startups which are presently working and looking forward for more startups to join.

Few of the prominent speakers were Manu Khajuria Founder of Voice of Dogras which is helping to identify and strengthen the Dogra culture in and out of the state. She spoke about their Social entrepreneurship journey where she highlighted the 3 main aspects i.e. Vyakti , Vichar and Vith. She also shared her journey which she started alone and how she converted into into such a strong force.

Sahil Verma of Pure Mart shares his journey of starting from selling 10gms of organic Kesar to having 180 products portfolio in their catalog. His shared his pain points and how he got through with them. He shared his learning’s to always stick with the vision with which you started you work.

Further all other members also shared their journeys including what obstacles they faced in their journey and it was quite inspirational to see how they tackled them and it was quite informational session for all the community members.

The future agenda for the jammu startup community is help startups to build their business plans , business pitching , mentoring , networking and later on the funding.

The basic reason to have this community is to promote Jammu Startups.


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