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  • AnA Security Solutions
    AnA security solutions is a consulting and Penetration Testing company. This is formed by a team of industry professionals with the aim of providing Consultancy, Information security and Audit Services with offices in Australia and India. AnA security is serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to very large enterprises, digital innovative and leading edge ...
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  • Do Up DesignTech By Vivek Mannotra
    Do Up DesignTech Private Limited is a Startup Company founded 24th January 2019, in Udhampur, J&K. The idea of the company is to bring Industry standard Design, Technology and Marketing practices to the common people, unorganized retailers and small businesses, in the form of simple, easy to understand and cost-effective service packages. In the short ...
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  • Founder
    About SpeakIn. SpeakIn is Asia’s finest and largest AI-enabled network of speakers and thought leaders, aka. experts. The 21st Century where everything from food to clothes is offered at your doorstep, SpeakIn comes with a vision to provide expert services with an ease like never before. It foresights in turning into a self-serving e-commerce platform where ...
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  • Director and COO
    Center for Skills and Research is a pioneer ISO 9001-2015 certified training and skill development company with an aim to impart world-class knowledge and training to Students, Teachers and working professionals.CSR gives ample thrust to the theory and practical training while maintaining international standards through modern teaching aids and world-class study material and infrastructure. “CSR is India’s leading Company in ...
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  • HT Medical Center
    As we tend to grow older, it is important to know and understand the different changes that our bodies are going through. Understanding the ways in which these changes can be combated is important to each and every one of us. At first, it might seem quite difficult to face these changes, since there are ...
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  • Myself Tushar Badyal, a citizen on J&K state, So far worked outside state in multiple MNC’s since 2006. Trying hard to establish a data analytics statup in my home town of jammu. I have so far been an inventor on a US patent along with expertise on multiple programming languages and frameworks. Looking forward for ...
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  • Website Design in JK
    We make beautiful, functional websites, uniquely designed to help our clients meet their business goals. All our websites are built on Expose – our hassle-free content management system.Before any design happens, we’ll wireframe your new website for us to review together. Technical specifications are the bridge between wireframes and web development.We are expertise in this ...
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  • SquadF1 Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    SquadF1 Labs was born out of the belief that there is a genuine need of providing connected ecosystems across the spectrum. We are a software company dedicated to the growth and development of businesses through incorporation of efficient and cutting edge software to consolidate their impact on the market. We are a company, which is ...
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  • 3D printing makes its entry in jammu and kashmir.
    Fabricator lab provides 3D printing and Prototyping service to manufacturing. We provide turnkey solutions to automotive aerospace architecture jewelry and consumer market.We provide b2b as well as b2c solution
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  • VIBMIKS - book professionals
    Vibmiks is a platform to connect customers with professionals. Presently we have four professional services ( Lawyers, Architects, CA/CS, IT). We will be launching soon.
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