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Director and COO - Jammu Startups Community
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Director and COO

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Center for Skills and Research is a pioneer ISO 9001-2015 certified training and skill
development company with an aim to
impart world-class knowledge and training to Students, Teachers and working professionals.CSR
gives ample thrust to the theory and practical training while maintaining
international standards through modern teaching aids and world-class study
material and infrastructure. “CSR is India’s leading Company in Corporate Soft
Skills Training, Students, Teachers, Leadership Development, and Career
Counseling. With our intense passion to change lives and with our vast
experience too, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves to be recognized among the
best skills and training companies in india.360 degrees training and skills
development programs for corporate, Students and teachers community is what we
call them. Our training and skill development programs are structured to impact
individuals that enables them build the right supporting competencies to excel
in every sphere of life.We offer practical and engaging training programs to
help your company- build dynamic teams; develop exceptional leaders; increase
sales and profits; build and maintain excellent customer relationship; improve
organisational efficiency and productivity, motivate and retain key staff and
foster a stress-free and harmonious workplace. We at CSR strive to design and deliver customized,
effective Corporate Soft Skills training courses for a wide range of small and medium (SME’s) to large and global organisations looking to grow the skills of their leaders, managers, support staff employees, sales, customer service and operations teams,. We understand that there is such a high value for your business in developing the
skills of the people who manage it. Therefore, through our advanced training
programmes we assure you that investing time in trainings result in many benefits for your business

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