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Do Up DesignTech By Vivek Mannotra

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Do Up DesignTech Private Limited is a Startup Company founded 24th January 2019, in Udhampur, J&K. The idea of the company is to bring Industry standard Design, Technology and Marketing practices to the common people, unorganized retailers and small businesses, in the form of simple, easy to understand and cost-effective service packages. In the short life of around 4 months, our organization has been able to set-up offices in Jammu and Udhampur cities and has gained some traction with a few customers on board. The larger idea behind the company is to improve the quality of outdoors and city spaces in our country by providing high quality retail design, brand design, marketing and technology services to people outside of the corporate / industrial circles. We hope to connect with Jammu Startups Community as part of our effort to find like minded peers and community which can help us validate and grow with our business approach. Thank you so much for having this much needed platform for the aspirational entrepreneurs in a place like Jammu & Kashmir, we hope to hear back from your side!

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